Bollywood is an industry of glamour where everyone wants to look their best. You can always see the male celebrities hitting the gym to get that perfect six-pack look while the actresses following a strict weight loss diet to maintain their “zero-figure” and this fever of having a good physique is not just limited to the film stars. From directors to musicians, everyone seems cautious about their health these days.

Though Bollywood has been criticized for their lack of good quality content in the recent years, it has given us few positives at the same time in the health sector. Following their favourite stars, people have become much more aware about keeping themselves in shape and leading a healthy life.

But, is it really that simple to make an amazing body like Randeep Hooda or drop a few kilos like anything?

Even though most of us try diet plan for weight loss, we mostly end up running in circles where we initially lose some weight but after a while we end up gaining it back. Many of us even start going to the gym or start practicing yoga but after a few months with no change in our body shape and physique, we just give up disappointingly and are back to square one. If only god would descent from heaven and with his wisdom help us in dropping off some kilos without exercise! Well, we can’t get you god but we definitely have the next best solution for you.

After getting a lot of requests on social media and her blogs, Dr. Anjali has brought out the LiveNutriFit App with packages meeting your needs and requirements with her expert guidance. So, you not only look fit but feel healthy as well. Dr. Anjali is India’s Top Obesity Management Specialist and has helped more than 10,000 people to lose weight naturally. She has already coached the A-list celebrities of Bollywood like Randeep Hooda and many more. Now even you can get to know the secrets of Bollywood dieting on how to stay in shape with a balanced diet without any extra effort of going to the gym.

So, visit the link to check our special package which will include Dr. Anjali as your personal coach and take your first step towards a healthier tomorrow.

So what are you waiting for? Your healthy lifestyle is just a download away.


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Written by LiveNutriFit - Mobile App for Weight loss