Dr. Anjali with her brothers - Randeep and Sandeep.

Dr. Anjali with her brothers – Randeep and Sandeep.

A brother-sister relationship is undoubtedly the most beautiful one. Yes, she might irritate you very occasionally. And to add to that, you two might indulge in fights that last for days at end. Just like other siblings, she might be your laughing stock and you might well be her punching back. But in spite of all this, you know that she loves you more than anything in this world. And you definitely love her more than that.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan not just captures this love that you have for each other but also strengthens the bond that you share. No wonder you both wait eagerly for this day to arrive every year. But we know, for you this wait is always accompanied by some amount of nervousness.

What should I gift her?

This question bothers you every single time and very rightly so. We know how difficult choosing the perfect gift for your perfect sister could be. So, this year, we have got a suggestion for you. How about making her fitter! Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Read on to find out how.

LiveNutriFit, a set of weight loss and fitness plans by Dr. Anjali Hooda, MD, has helped a number of people in India to deal with their fitness issues. The plans are devised so brilliantly by Dr. Anjali that one of the clients lost 38 Kg in just 10 months. Adding further to the credibility of the brand LiveNutriFit (LNF) is the fact that this is only one among the many success stories that has surfaced in the recent few months.

You can choose for your sister from among three plans offered by LNF. All three are listed below:

LNF Free

The LNF Free plan consists of a variety of components like BMI, BMR, Target Weight, Ideal Weight, Waist/ Hip Ratio, Daily Calorie Budget, Progress graphs and Daily Nutrition Tips. This plan is free for lifetime and could be a good start to your fitness race.


The LNF Pro has everything that the free plan offers. But the real power of this plan lies in added components like Customized meal and fitness plans, Proprietary tools like POWER of 7 and QUIT, Email support and consultation, medicine and supplement reminder and a weight loss claim of 2kgs per month. You can avail this plan at a starting rate of Rs. 11 per day.

LNF Pro-Coach

This is where things start to get really interesting! The LNF Pro-Coach plans adds to the other two plans with a personalized 1 on 1 healthcare coach. You also get to select a mentor for yourself and the plan guarantees weight loss of a whopping 3-4 kg per month. You can avail this plan starting at Rs. 25 per day. All the three plans are available both on the web and on the brand’s mobile app.

So, why wait? Don’t you want a fitter sister? Yes, the punches will only get stronger but something tells us that you will love it. Gift your sister one of the LNF plans today and she will thank you for ever.

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