The extra fat that hangs from the various parts of your body might be hampering your confidence in ways unimaginable. You might also be worried about all the diseases that you might be attracting because of these extra kilos. Leave alone the difficult dressing choices that you have to make to cover all this body fat. Yes, it is difficult. And you are not alone. A majority of the population these days is suffering from obesity and strangely, they have no clue on how they should tackle this menace.

The different approaches people take to tackle fat

Advice from friends – When it comes showering knowledge, everyone is an expert. Though their knowledge might be very limited, people always love to chip in with their advice. And when it comes to weight loss tips, people just can’t stop themselves from commenting. Don’t eat rice. Drink water on an empty stomach. Skip meals. Use laxatives. People come up with many such advice and it is your responsibility to steer clear of such advices. It is important to understand that people comment from the limited knowledge that they have. In some cases, the steps might have worked for them but there is no guarantee that they will work for you as well.

Research themselves – Some people take the initiative and research about weight loss food, weight loss exercising and everything that they can about weight loss. They attempt to create their own sweet weight loss plan. But the problem with this approach is that there is a lot of information available on the web around weight loss. And to top that, the different pieces of information very often contradict each other. Also, there is no surety around the credibility of the information available on the web.

Expensive weight loss programs – While a majority try quick fixes, some don’t hesitate in taking the professional route for their weight problems. They indulge in weight loss programs and consult dietitians who claim to be best in their field. The problem that many face with this approach is the cost that they end up spending is very high. Robbing you of a massive sum while providing no weight loss guarantee, many professional diet plans for weight loss fail to deliver on their claims.

Are you tired of trying out of all these different methods? Still got no clue how you can get rid of your annoying extra fat? We have some good news for you! How about a weight loss app that guides you through your weight loss journey? How about an app with a weight loss diet designed by a top nutrition specialist? How about an app that will be very light on your pocket? How about all three in one?

Yes, that is exactly what you get with the LiveNutriFit App which helps you to lose weight at home. Designed by Dr. Anjali Hooda Sangwan (MBBS, MD), a specialist in Obesity, Metabolic Medicine & Clinical Nutrition Specialist, this weight loss program guarantees a weight loss of 3-4 Kgs per month and can be availed at just Rs. 25 per day.

Dr. Anjali Hooda is the sister of the famous Bollywood actor, Randeep Hooda, and has completed her studies from the United States of America. The nutrition and fitness plans devised by Dr. Anjali are customized and calorie counted, and are administered under strict medical protocols. So, wait no more. Your dream body weight is just an app away!

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