Do you experience a stomach reflux after your every meal? And it leaves you with a horrible, vomit like taste in your mouth. Not only this you constantly have heartburn and are unable to eat. The most common reason for this is Acidity. Since it is so prevalent in Indians, we either ignore it or apply too many home remedies to treat it temporarily.

But why stop at only treating it for a short time and not curing it forever? Yes, it is possible! We need to begin by understanding what are the most common causes of acidity and use simple steps that remove the issue from it’s root cause.

5 Reasons that cause acidity:

  1. 1 cause of acidity is food – When we consume food groups that have more processed ingredients like flour, canned beans, juice boxes and similar products, we are not providing enough fiber to the body. This causes indigestion that leads to acid build up in our digestive system.
  2. Over use of caffeine and spices – Too much intake of coffee can interfere in proper digestion of food leaving a build of acid in the digestive tract. Similarly Indian food is high in spices, which can trigger a stomach reflux, leaving you feeling nauseated.
  3. Cigarette smoking – Smoking increases heartburn. When we smoke it relaxes the muscle of the lower esophagus causing the acidity to come up into the mouth. This leads to a feeling of heartburn.
  4. Stress and irregular eating patterns – We can all relate to this one. When there is more stress, we tend to eat fast or eat at irregular intervals. Skipping breakfast is the most common practice. When your body doesn’t receive food to breakdown at proper intervals, it produces acid. That’s why when you have a larger meal after a gap of 4-5 hours you are prone to have acid reflux action.
  5. Fried Food – If you are eating pakoras or bhajis regularly you need to remember that your body is taking twice the time to digest it than normal food.

Simple Steps to cure acidity:

Starting from the amount of food we consume, the kind of food varieties we intake and the form in which we consume them has an effect on acidity level in our body. For instance: if you have a habit of lying down right after your dinner this increases your chances of acidity. If your food lacks fiber and is high in refined and processed ingredients it may cause acidity symptoms. Consider and change your lifestyle to avoid the common causes of acidity, as stated above. You can apply these four simple steps to avoid acidity:

  1. Eat your food slowly and avoid water when eating food.
  2. Avoid lying down right after a meal.
  3. Take small meals and at regular intervals.
  4. Increase green vegetables in your diet.

Start by making a food journal that will help you identify what are the food categories that are causing heartburn or acid reflux in your stomach. Self-identification is the best way to get on the path of fixing it.

Dr. Anjali Hooda Sangwan is MBBS and MD in Internal Medicine, and has done her fellowship in Obesity and Clinical. She is currently working as a consultant in Consultant at FORTIS C-DOC, B-16, Chirag Enclave, New Delhi.

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