How much sleep is considered ‘a good amount of sleep’?

It depends on age. For teenagers and young adults a minimum of 8-9 hours of rest is required. Individuals of forty years and up can recover with 7 hours of sleep and people above 50 yrs need a minimum of six hours.

How do you identify if you are suffering from Insomnia?

If you are a young individual and are getting up 2-3 a.m. in the morning and are unable to go back to sleep, and this pattern continues for days and month, chances are you are suffering from insomnia. Insomnia is a lifestyle disease where a person is unable to go to sleep or has trouble sleeping for the required duration.

Most common reasons for sleep insomnia are:

  1. Stressful lifestyle and imbalance in our eating and drinking habits.
  2. Too much use of devices just before the bedtime prevents your mind to relax and go to sleep.
  3. If you drink alcohol before sleeping it wakes you up early, without adequate sleep.
  4. After4 pm if you are taking caffeine (tea or coffee or in any way) it can affect your sleep pattern.
  5. Cigarette smoking triggers activity in your mind, preventing it to calm down and go to sleep.
  6. A very heavy dinner can be a culprit of lack of sleep.

Since Insomnia is a lifestyle disease, simple changes in how you lead your daily routine can help ease out the stress and give way to a full night sleep. Medication or over the counter pills for curing sleep disorders should be the last resort. Try simple remedies that help bring back the natural reflux of sleep into your routine.

Try these five tips to relax and fall for a good night sleep:

  1. Have an early dinner and preferably light.
  2. Don’t indulge in any hi-intensity work out.
  3. Try 10 minutes of Meditation before bedtime.
  4. Remove all gadgets around your bed and replace it with a book.
  5. Dim the lights of the room to let your mind and body calm down.

If you are still facing issues with sleeping, please feel free to reach to me with your questions.

Dr. Anjali Hooda Sangwan is MBBS and MD in Internal Medicine, and has done her fellowship in Obesity and Clinical. She is currently working as a consultant in Consultant at FORTIS, New Delhi.

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