Before going to the benefits of being Gluten Free. We should know what is Gluten and why its excess is bad for us. According to studies, Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye. As name suggests “Gluten” – it acts as glue in food such as cereal, pasta, bread for their binding and to acquire the proper shape.

According to the latest studies of US, 18 million people are suffering from Gluten Intolerance and this disease is known as Celiac Disease which leads to swelling of micro vile in small intestine and causes Bloating, Gas, Diarrhea, Fatigue and Headaches. In fact, if it’s severe it can cause itchy skin and rashes on the body.

If you suffering from these symptoms that means you have Gluten Intolerance and if these symptoms of bloating, constipation, stomach, headache persists you can even face weight gain issues.

Hence its becomes necessary to be Gluten Free and lead a healthy life as it will lead to poor absorption of nutrients, hence osteoporosis and infertility and many other serious issues can also occur.

What is Gluten Free Diet?

We can restrict the Gluten products like wheat, cereal, candies, cake, corn flour and pastas, processed food. Even oats have gluten.

We have Gluten Free Products found in Nature like Fruits, Vegetables, Fresh Farm Eggs, Meat, Fish, Chicken, Beans, Nuts and majority of dairy products.

Gluten Free Grains

  • Buckwheat
  • Quinoa
  • Quinoa Flour

How Being Gluten Free results in Healthy Weight Loss if you are an obese

Being Gluten Free can also help us in healthy weight loss but yes we have to keep check on the portions and for best results we can always refer to our Nutritionist.

Don’t get confused with the Gluten free Products, which are in trend for marketing strategies by many companies

Only eat those products, which are 100% natural and healthy and naturally certified by FSAAI Trademark as our LiveNutriFit Products.

Our LiveNutriFit products are rich in High Fibre, High Protein, Zero Trans fat, Zero Cholesterol, Rich in Omega-3, Gluten Free.



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