Do you feel you some sweet or salty cravings? Do you often give up the temptations of your taste buds, just because you do not want to be loaded with guilt?

An extra indulgence in that muffin or adding another scoop of ice cream on your cold coffee or sprinkling extra salt over your food can seem completely harmless at that time but can eventually lead to various health issues. Poor lifestyle choices and lack of self control can make us more susceptible to various health issues. Lost in the hustle-bustle of everyday life we hardly pay attention to our health.

Amidst such a lifestyle, such it is important to have control over these 3 Sins, which include:

  1. Salt: the unavoidable evil

Salt is the basis of all our meals. It helps in the retention of fluids and maintaining the pH levels of blood.

Some key notes about Salt:

  • Shortage of sodium in body sends chemical and hormonal signals to the kidneys and sweat glands to hold onto the water and conserve the sodium.
  • Excess of sodium can be flushed out by kidneys, by making more or saltier urine. Also, excessive salt in the body leads to water retention which can lead to edema
  • We’re not asking you to have bland or tasteless food; rather, it is important to maintain the right balance. Refrain from using table salt to salads, meals and raita.
  • Fast foods like processed foods, canned and dried soup, baked goods etc. are loaded with have salt content and hence should be avoided.
  1. Sugar: the wicked allurement

Just the thought of doughnut or any other sugary delights can make our mouth, and even harder to resist. Too much of sugar in the diet can have negative effects on our metabolism and can lead to various kinds of diseases.

Some impacts of Sugar on body:

  • Excessive and repeated consumption of large amount of sugar can lead to problems like fatty liver, joint pain (as sugar can lead to inflammation in the body), kidney damage, and weight gain.
  • Munching on a cake, cookie or any other sugary loaded snack occasionally can give sugar rush, by raising your blood sugar levels really fast. After the sugar level drops, the cells absorb the sugar which can cause anxiety and can lead to depression in adults.
  1. Stress: the silent killer

In today’s rat race everyone is so busy getting ahead of others and chasing dreams that it hardly leaves us with any time to focus on our health. Stress can be our biggest foe causing several issues affecting our energy levels, desire to work, relax, and our peace of mind, mental and physical health as well.

It is one of the most ignored illnesses which can cause turmoil in our lives. Some of its common effects on our body are anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia and irritability, feeling exhausted, constipation, acne, hair fall and weight gain.

Few things that can help in managing your stress levels:

  1. Regular exercise or any form of physical activity every day.
  2. Mind relaxing techniques like meditation, deep breathing or yoga.
  3. Socializing with family and friends.
  4. Taking out time for some hobby like reading book, listening music etc.
  5. Eat well, a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins, vitamins and other necessary nutrients


Defeating the sins, smartly:

These 3S can have a major affect on our body and health as they are an integral part of our daily lives. Knowingly or unknowingly we all fall victims to one or all of  these, at some point of our life. Thus, maintaining balance is of utmost importance whether it is health, work or lifestyle.

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